The following was written by one of our own Coalition members, a 9/11 World Trade Center survivor who participates in the weekly Iraq Memorial Wall vigils. Click here to purchase his poetry booklet.

I never knew Mary, nor Bruno, nor Kay,
nor dozens besides,
dozens who will swell to hundreds
as the barbarism of the State
evokes a holy hatred of its killing and its needs,
indeed of its genius
and the greed that seeds its every action.

We build a sacred communion
through acting together,
through vigils with signs and a Wall of the Dead,
through meeting when we chat, plan, and paint signs,
meetings where our very disagreements
build understanding and love
as we seek deeds and discussions to cultivate justice
and a world where children can grow
to care each for all others
rather than compete for survival or for the power,
a world where all can create
and none need want to kill.

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